1st Hike of the Year Complete!

dsc_2343Well here we are at the begining of February, and I’ve been waiting to get out on my brand new snowshoes since I bought them this summer! Well yeah, it has snowed once, in December, a whopping 2-3 inches, and then melted… ugh. However, the unusual warm temps finally landed on a day off where I had no plans and the sun was out in full. I had to get out. So I went off to my local park, Palisades State Park, for a short walkabout looking for something to shoot with my camera.

dsc_2265It was a good little hike and I got to test out some new camera gear I’ve gotten over the past few months. I definitely felt how inactive I’ve been, having not gotten out since Halloween. There was still enough of a chill in the air to remind me that we are in a winter month, I think… but the chunks of ice along the beach did confirm that Iowa does still have a winter. Even though there weren’t a whole lot of photo ops jumping out at me, I did find a few things that attracted my interest.

dsc_2382Speaking of editing; I started looking over my data to see how much I have to do yet. Currently I still have 29 more parks to write about, with 16 of those having video footage to be edited as well. So there is plenty of content to come, and that’s before I start on my 214 mile goal of new parks coming up this year. It felt great to get out again! 2017 hiking has begun, time to start hitting more trails.


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