Floating the Maquoketa River


So obviously this isn’t a hike, but it is an outdoor activity! I went canoeing with my wife and a few friends on a section of the Maquoketa River just outside of Monticello in east central Iowa.

outback-canoeWe rented our canoes from Outback Canoe Rental at a reasonable rate that tends to be right around the average amounts I have found in Iowa. We arrived early for the full day float which they suggest is about 8 miles and takes 4-5 hours if you include stops along the way. I will admit that we didn’t stop a whole lot, so our trip was closer to 3 hours.

dsc02176That being said, we very much enjoyed the quality service the rental company provided. They were organized and efficient in getting us shuttled up to the launch point in Hopkinton, and in retrieving and getting us out of the water and on our way once we landed back at the site.

The float itself was great! We went mid-July and the weather was superb. The river had a very casual flow to it that really helped increase the enjoyment. The roughest part of the river was at the launch just after the Hopkinton dam. It was moving pretty swift with a soft river bottom that caused the launch to be mildly hectic, enough so that my wife’s sandal was yanked off her foot as we shoved off. It was nowhere to be found so she was barefoot for the day.

dsc02223All in all that was the worst that happened. The river was pretty shallow, calf to thigh deep at most spots with an occasional bottom rub. It was the first time I had been in the water since high school and early college and it simply made me remember just how much fun it is to be floating down a river.

dsc02195The trip sparked a big desire to find more opportunities to get out on the water every year! If it has been a while since you’ve been on a float, or if you haven’t ever been on the water before, I feel this is an excellent choice to get your feet wet… pun intended.


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