An Item coming in the future, the March update.

So a few people have started asking what types of gear I use when I go hiking. Since I am kind of writing reviews of the places I visit, it wouldn’t be a big stretch to just simply write reviews for the gear I take into the woods. I still have a lot of trails to catch up on, so those will take priority.

Camping GearHowever, since the weather is attempting to be hospitable it won’t be much longer before the hiking season is upon us. With that in mind, there will hopefully be some new hikers looking to stretch their legs. They may want to know the types of gear they should be looking at since it can be intimidating when you discover there are 3 gillion different options available. So I am going to try to start posting some gear reviews of the more general use items like packs before the weather gets too irresistible and people want to get out in it.

If there is a reader new to hiking and curious about some specific kinds of gear, you can always request it in the comments section of this post and I’ll try to prioritize getting those reviews out first. Now I can only really review items I own, so I won’t be able to talk to specific brands or models and such, mostly the gear type; packs, poles, jackets, shoes, etc. I also don’t have any real winter gear aside from clothing… and brand new, unused, sitting in their storage bag, wishing for snow, snowshoes.

img_0155Moving on; my model for posting trail reports has already changed as my original design isn’t working the way I’d hoped. Initially my idea was to write up the hikes without video footage first, and then sprinkle in the write ups with footage as I posted the YouTube videos. Well, the YouTube videos are taking far longer to put together than I had hoped… So, I will start treating the two as separate entities and simply write up everything I have “on file” and post the YouTube videos as I can complete them. I’ll announce in these monthly posts what new vids I posted since the last update so interested readers can go and watch. If you want to keep up to date on them you can always subscribe to the channel and mark you want notified of uploads, then you’ll get an email from YouTube letting you know of a posting. (Picture for those new to YouTube.)sub.jpg

That’s what’s new for now. Looking forward to getting out on the trails!

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