Bensen Sculpture Garden, Loveland, CO

The Colorado Adventure: Day 1

Colorado Trip

In July of 2017 we packed up my wife’s new Jeep, and headed for a week of traveling to the mountains of Colorado with the kids. Our first stop on the trip was going to be Rocky Mountain National Park, but we wanted to hit the park at sunrise to beat the majority of the crowds (which was an excellent plan!) so we needed to stay over in Loveland just outside of the park. Well this gave us a long afternoon of sitting in the hotel, so the wife and I scoured the Google looking for things to do and we found Bensen Sculpture Garden in the center of town.Bensen LargeDSC_4051

DSC_4075The park is made up of over 150 large sculptures on a paved loop that circles a pond and covers 1.5-2 miles. The majority of the sculptures were pretty neat. At first the older kids had that “oh yay… look at the rock” attitude that a tween and teen have on family outings, but eventually they forgot they were supposed to be acting too cool and began having showdowns with the gunslinger and practicing their yoga poses. DSC_4166

Baby girl of course thought pretty much every one of them was neat and kept trying to go back to the ones with balls and puppies.DSC_4229

It was a pretty popular place with some steady traffic. There was even a wedding going on in the central gazebo that CJ tried to check out. As we neared the car we noticed it appeared that there seemed to be more on the other side of the road. Unbeknownst to us, there was a new section that was built to expand the park, to include a little mini train that went around that section! They don’t have an official website from what we found, so nothing really talked about the addition. I wish we had known so we could have planned a little more time to take CJ on a train ride. Either way, weather eventually started to move in and we were getting hungry as we completed the loop, so we decided to head back to the hotel.


A fun little place to check out if you find yourself in the Rocky Mountain National Park/ Fort Collins/ Loveland area with a couple hours to kill. Once again, I really wish I’d known more about the train. For me at least, I know I’m going back to RMNP for a few days next time, so CJ will get her train ride!DSC_4123

Here are a handful of the neater sculptures:


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