New Intro and Outro Video

new-youtube-logoSo a quick post looking for feedback. I’ve spent the last several weeks working on improving my YouTube videos with adding an intro and outro. I’ve finally finished them and posted them on YouTube for review.

Brave I know. However, if you’re someone who watches my videos I would appreciate your input on ways to improve them. After all, if I add these to the beginning and end of every video, and they annoy you, you’re less likely to watch more videos right?

So please give me some honest criticism.

Thank you in advance!

2 thoughts on “New Intro and Outro Video”

  1. Hi Chris, Chris Sloman from Dubuque again, I just checked out you intro and I like it, gives it a professional start to you video. The banjoes kind of remind me of the movie Deliverance though. Just kidding, I think it’s great!

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    1. Thanks Chris! Someone commented that it could possibly use a catch phrase at the end. I’ve been kicking it around and I think I have an idea. I’ll play with it next chance I get to sit at my computer for significant chunk of time.


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