It’s time for an update on how 2019 it starting!

It’s started pretty darn well actually!

The new house is fulfilling everything I had hoped it would, mostly making sure momma is happy, and I’m already seeing that the new education district is having a positive effect on Odessa. No regrets!

I tried to get out this winter, but the literally killer vortex that showed up destroyed much of my winter hiking plans.

I got out a couple times so far, and both hikes were very enjoyable. While a good many people around me lament at how much they hate winter, I actually very much enjoy winter hiking. There is just something fun and special about the extra challenge of plodding through snow. The silence of the winter environment is just so inviting.

However, spring is finally showing its hand, and its time to prep for the miles I missed last year thanks to my dedication to work.  I traveled from Iowa to Florida, to New Hampshire, to Wisconsin, to Mississippi; all in a 6 month window. Needless say, I sacrificed a lot of family and trail time in 2018. That is to be rectified!

CP ScreenshotSo while those around me know I’m not hiding my desire to transition to carrying a camera full-time, photography is one of those businesses that you don’t just magically make happen.

On a photo note: I’M A LICENSED DRONE PILOT!!!!! Yarrrrrr!

So much excitement in that. I studied a lot for that test and am happy to finally have that one behind me.

Now my focus can be directed back to the trails and getting that footage published.

Speaking of publishing footage; I’ve dropped a few new videos since the last update.

I’ve been focusing on my backlog of videos, before I jump back into my trail reports. Since I’ve basically been trapped in the basement, I have been able to knock out:

Rocky Mountain National Park:

Hanging Lake State Park:

Ouray Perimeter hike:

I hope to see you checking back throughout the year as I continue to explore the parks of the great state of Iowa.

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